Easy 3 Ingredient Potato Pancakes

My wonderful husband is of German decent. When I married my husband I didn’t know how many yummy German dishes there were. It wasn’t like I grew up in a community that had a lot of traditional German food like schnitzel, brawtwurst, and red cabbage. So when he took me to Mr. Dunderbak’s Biergarten and Brewery I was wonderfully surprised to find so many new things to try. If you are ever in Tampa, Florida I definitely recommend visiting this little treasure of a restaurant.

I love a lot of what they offer and there are some great beers to go with each dish; my personal favorite is their potato pancakes served with sour cream and the house made applesauce. Yum!!

When he first took me there we didn’t have children, much less children with food allergies. This is a great restaurant but not necessarily food allergy friendly. Once we had kids we weren’t able to go unless we go on date night. (What are those? lol)

I have been craving the potato pancakes. I tried making them at home but they are a lot of work to make from scratch. You have to grate the potato and then remove as much liquid as possible from the potato, do the same with onions, add seasoning, flour and eggs. They were good but not quite right. It wasn’t worth all of the work.

Then one day I was in Publix and I found this grated potato mixture! All of the hard work done and ready to go! Hallelujah!

I took these home and added eggs and flour and fried up some delicious potato pancakes which were pretty easy in comparison to the from scratch version. These are pretty simple to prepare if you are used to frying things. I hope you will try them and let me know what you think.





Easy 3 Ingredient Potato Pancakes

(makes 6-8 pancakes, prep + cook time = 30-40 mins)

Half of the bag of Alexia grated yellow potatoes

2-3 large eggs ( I usually do three.)

1/4 cup (maybe a little more) all purpose flour

Vegetable oil to fry in. (Enough to give you about a half inch in the pan. You may need to add more depending on how many pancakes you are making.)

In a large mixing bowl add eggs and whisk together. Then add the frozen potato mixture. Last add the flour a little at a time until the mixture starts to hold together.

In a large skillet heat the oil on medium/height heat. Give the oil a few minutes to get good and hot. Test a little piece of the potato mixture. If the oil is ready it will start to sizzle and cook.

While you wait for the oil to heat up, start making the potato pancakes. You can use an ice cream scoop it you want to keep them uniform. I however just grab about a palm full at a time. Using your hands form the mixture into patties/ pancakes. The ticker the pancake/ patty the longer they will need to cook. However don’t make them too thin as then they will lose the fully inside. About a half inch thick is what I aim for. I make all of the pancakes and place them on a plate. (The mixture is really cold – since the potatoes are frozen. I run a sink of hot water so that I can warm my hands up quickly. – Trust me this will really help.)

When the oil is ready gently lay a pancake down into the oil. I usually cook 3 at a time in my skillet. You don’t want to over crowd the pan. Cook on each side for 2-3 minutes (depending on thickness). They should be a deep golden brown color and cooked the whole way through.  As they come out to the skillet I lay them on a plate lined with paper towel. This absorbs any extra grease and keeps them from getting soggy.

I serve them with Motts Original Applesauce and Daisy brand sour cream. Yum!


I hope you will give this a try. Our kids love these with grilled boneless pork chops and green beans. I can’t think of this meal with out saying “Pork chops and Applesauce” in my head! Any other Brady Bunch fans out there? Anywho, I hope you love them as much as we do.

(For my egg allergic son, I take the Alexia potato mixture and add graded cheese. I then fry up his pancakes first before making the others that contain egg.)

Happy Eating,


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